The exotic ancient kingdom of Siam celebrated in the musical “The King and I,” lies primarily on the Gulf of Thailand nestled between Burma, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Laos. Bangkok, the capital, teems with life, palaces, elaborate statues & palaces, elephants and speeding tuk tuks. Now a visual highlights tour of Thailand…FAR EAST 2009 ALL 245 (2)FAR EAST 2009 ALL 254 (2)FAR EAST 2009 ALL 209 (2)

The Chao Phraya River

bangkok model Jintana Boonkem kem photo by kan (2)

Tuk Tuk

FAR EAST 2009 ALL 288 (2)FAR EAST 2009 ALL 292 (3)FAR EAST 2009 ALL 307 (2)FAR EAST 2009 ALL 302 (2)FAR EAST 2009 ALL 304 (2)FAR EAST 2009 ALL 309 (2)FAR EAST 2009 ALL 315 (2)FAR EAST 2009 ALL 331 (2)FAR EAST 2009 ALL 344 (2)FAR EAST 2009 ALL 355 (2)FAR EAST 2009 ALL 366 (2)FAR EAST 2009 ALL 365 (2)DSC02941 (2)Identity Check Review





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