50 States – 50 Countries – Thailand

50 States – 50 Countries – Thailand

The exotic ancient kingdom of Siam celebrated in the musical “The King and I,” lies primarily on the Gulf of Thailand nestled between Burma, Cambodia, Malaysia, and Laos. Bangkok, the capital, teems with life, palaces, elaborate statues & palaces, elephants and speeding tuk tuks. Now a visual highlights tour of Thailand…FAR EAST 2009 ALL 245 (2)FAR EAST 2009 ALL 254 (2)FAR EAST 2009 ALL 209 (2)

The Chao Phraya River

bangkok model Jintana Boonkem kem photo by kan (2)

Tuk Tuk

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50 States – 50 Countries – California (Part 1)

50 States – 50 Countries – California (Part 1)

The “Golden State” is big. Not Texas or Alaska big, but it takes up almost half of the “Left Coast.” Home to movie stars, Hollywood, several national parks, a wide variety of climates, a lot of liberal Democrats, Beach Boys, surfing, Spanish Mission, wineries, and a mix of many cultures and races. So many places, animals and people to see, I decided to break this post up into multiple parts.  Enjoy!

12.14.12 002 (2)

State Capitol Building in Sacremento…

12.14.12 017 (2)

12.14.12 038 (2)

Governor’s Mansion, Sacremento…

IMG_0933 (2)

San Diego…

IMG_0829 (2)

IMG_0980 (2)

Coronado Hotel in San Diego. The site of the movie “Some Like it Hot.”

IMG_1038 (2)

Balboa Park in San Diego…

IMG_2615 (2)

Bodega Bay, film site for “The Birds.”

IMG_2591 (2)

IMG_2722 (2)


Napa Valley home to many wineries…

IMG_2554 (2)

California wildlife…

IMG_2651 (2)

Wild Turkeys


Roosevelt Elk

IMG_2585 (2)

Rare white pelicans

DSC00747 (2)

Sea Lions

IMG_0654 (2)

Queen Mary, Long Beach

IMG_0801 (2)

Great Heron, Long Beach

12.14.12 081 (2)

Sierra Mountains…

IMG_0815 (2)

Capistrano Mission…


Many Victorian homes and hotels…

12.14.12 088 (2)

Lava Beds National Monument…

PICT0039 (2)

Hollywood Bowl, site of many famous concerts, including the Beatles in 1964 and 1965.

PICT0086 (2)

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, site of many Hollywood premieres…

142 (2)


More of our photographs later!!

50 States – 50 Countries — Oregon

50 States – 50 Countries — Oregon

A new series of photographs we’ve taken from around the globe in our 50 years of traveling…The cover photo is Crater Lake National Park.

Orgeon.CA. Vacation Aug. 2012 169 (2)

There are many covered bridges in the state…especially around Cottage Grove…

Orgeon.CA. Vacation Aug. 2012 374 (2)

Miles of rugged coastline including the famous “Haystack” rock…

Orgeon.CA. Vacation Aug. 2012 320 (2)

The famous Astoria Column built high on a hill overlooking the town and the Columbia River delta …

Orgeon.CA. Vacation Aug. 2012 233 (2)

The mighty Columbia River was a major route for explorers, passengers, and freight…

Orgeon.CA. Vacation Aug. 2012 224 (2)

Multnomah Falls is the largest of the many waterfalls east of Portland along the Columbia River…

Orgeon.CA. Vacation Aug. 2012 458 (2)

Sea otters can be seen eating and frolicking along the shore…

Orgeon.CA. Vacation Aug. 2012 325

You might recognize “Mikey’s” home used in the movie “The Goonies,” located in Astoria…

Orgeon.CA. Vacation Aug. 2012 179 (2)

Oregon is also known for its wide selection of fine wines…

Orgeon.CA. Vacation Aug. 2012 248 (2)

Don’t miss the expansive Rose Garden in the hills above Portland…

Happy Trails!

Road Trip 2015: Billings, Montana

Road Trip 2015: Billings, Montana

IMG_4683 (2)IMG_4682Next stop on our journey was Billings, Montana, the largest city in the state, and base camp for our visit to Little Big Horn (60 miles south). Montana was also a check on our bucket list to visit all 50 states (number 49 to be precise).

IMG_5001 (2)Montana is a lot of wide-open spaces and surprisingly lots of oil wells. The Williston Basin of Montana and North Dakota holds one of the largest accumulations of crude oil in the United States; its Bakken and Three Forks formations are currently estimated to be capable of producing 7.4 billion barrels of oil.IMG_4690

Always fascinated by the story of Custer and the battle of Little Bighorn a critical point in the history of the west as the expansion of our young country ran headlong into the nomadic lifestyle of the Plains Indians.IMG_4691 (2)

Never realized that Custer’s troops were only one of three units in a planned attack that lasted several days. Several Indian tribes took part as they executed a perfect trap in a stand to preserve their lands and way of life.IMG_4743






The Famous Sitting Bull was one of the Indian leaders.DSC01779

The monument serves as a detailed remembrance of the event for both sides.DSC01782 (2)

We also visited the Moss Mansion in Billings that belonged to one of the founders of the town. It is very well preserved because it stayed in the family for more than 100 years.DSC01800 (2)

Just outside of Billings headed east is another national monument.IMG_4758 (2)

Most graffiti is unwelcomed, but the carvings of Lewis & Clark who stopped at this large sandstone rockIMG_4803 beside the Yellowstone River…well. that’s another story.IMG_4793

Lewis & Clark, along with Sacagawea, were the intrepid explorers, as you may remember, who first IMG_4780mapped the United States all the way to the Pacific Ocean (in Oregon).

As the sun set, we headed to the last state on our bucket list, North Dakota.IMG_4994 (2)


Next Up: Theodore Roosevelt National Park

* * *

Richard Allan Jones is the author of the novels “Drafted” and “Identity Check.”

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